Baterai Lenovo G470 G460 G570 G465 B470 G475 G565 G575

original oemJual Baterai Laptop Lenovo G470, G460, G570, G465, B470, G475, G565, G575, V360, V370, V470, V570, Z370, Z460, Z470, Z560, Z570 Baru Murah

Harga kw Rp.  290.000

ori : Rp. 360.000

Review Spesifikasi:
Kode Stock:
PN (Part Number): L09M6Y02
Voltage : 11.1 V
Kapasitas : 4400mAh
Type : Li-ion (Lithium Ion) Battery Pack
Warna: Hitam
Dimensi: –
Kondisi: New (bukan bekas)
Garansi: 1 bulan full replace (rusak ganti baru)
Berat kemasan : 0.5 Kg

Compatible Part Number/ Model name: 121001071, 121001091, 121001094, 121001095, 121001096, 121001097, 57Y6454, 57Y6455, L08S6Y21, L09C6Y02, L09L6Y02, L09M6Y02, L09N6Y02, L09S6Y02, L10C6Y02, L10M6F21, L10P6F21, L10P6Y22, LO9L6Y02, LO9S6Y02

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