Baterai Hp Pavilion 14-D, 14-G, 14-R, 15-D, 15-G, 15-R (OA04)

baterai hp 14 oa04Jual baterai laptop HP pavilion 14-D, 14-G, 14-R, 15-D, 15-G, 15-R (OA04) baru murah.

Compatibel dengan type :
Pavilion 14-D010AU
Pavilion 14-D010TU
Pavilion 14-D010TX
Pavilion 14-D011AU
Pavilion 14-D011TU
Pavilion 14-D011TX
Pavilion 14-D012AU
Pavilion 14-D012TU
Pavilion 14-D012TX
Pavilion 14-D013AU
Pavilion 14-D013TU
Pavilion 14-D013TX
Pavilion 14-D014AU
Pavilion 14-D014TU
Pavilion 14-D014TX
Pavilion 14-D015AU
Pavilion 14-D015TU
Pavilion 14-D015TX
Pavilion 14-D016AU
Pavilion 14-D016TX
Pavilion 14-D017AU
Pavilion 14-D017TX
Pavilion 14-D018AU
Pavilion 14-D018TU
Pavilion 14-D018TX
Pavilion 14-D019AU
Pavilion 14-D019TU

Harga kw Rp. 285.000

ori Rp. 365.000

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