Baterai HP Pavilion 14-ac, 14-af HP 245 240 246 250 G4 G5 (HS04)

baterai hs04 hp

Jual baterai laptop HP  pavilion 14-ac, 14-af HP 245 G4 G5 (HS04) HS04 240 246 250 255 256 G4 HSTNN-LB6V HSTNN-LB6U

Harga Kw : Rp. 285.000
Harga Ori : Rp. 360.000

Compatibel dengan type :

HP ENVY Notebook 15-as
HP 240 G4 G5
HP 245 G4 G5
HP 246 G4 G5
HP 250 G4 G5
HP 255 G4 G5
HP 256 G4 G5

HP 340 G3
HP 346 G3
HP 348 G3

HP Notebook 14-ac, 14-af, 14-am, 14-an, 14-ar, 14-as
HP Notebook 14G-ad,
HP Notebook 14T-ac, 14T-am, 14T-af
HP Notebook 14Q-aj

HP Notebook 15G-ad
HP Notebook 15-ac, 15-af, 15-am, 15-ay, 15-ba, 15-be, 15-bg
HP Notebook 15T-ac, 15T-ay
HP Notebook 15Z-af, 15Z-ba
HP Notebook 15Q-aj

HP Notebook 17-x, 17-y, 17-ac, 17-ad
HP Notebook 17T-x,
HP Notebook 17Z-y, 17Z-g

Compatible Part Number:



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