Baterai Asus X540 X540S x540la x540lj x540sc x540sa A31N1519

Jual Baterai Laptop ASUS X540 X540S x540la x540lj x540sc x540sa tanam baru murah

Harga oriĀ Rp. 350.000

Model : A31N1519
11.25V – 2600mAh

Baterai laptop ini cocok untuk type laptop asus:
X540LJ-3H, X540LJ-XX015T, X540LA-1A, X540LA-3G, X540SC-1C, X540LA-XX003T, X540SC-3H, X540YA-3F, X540LA-XX021T, X540SA-1C, X540SA-3H, X540SA-XX041D, X540LJ, X540LJ-3F, X540LJ-XX001T, X540LJ-XX044T, X540LA-1C, X540SC, X540LA-3H, X540SC-3F, X540LA-XX004T, X540YA-1A, X540L, X540SA-3F, X540SA-XX012T, X540SA-XX041T, X540LJ-1A, X540LJ-3G, X540LJ-XX014T, X540LA-3F, X540SC-1A, X540LA-XX002T, X540SC-3G, X540YA-1C, X540LA-XX013T, X540SA-1A, R540L, X540SA-3G, X540SA-XX020T, X540SA-XX085T, X540LJ-1C, X540S, X540LA, X540SA

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