Baterai Asus X540 X540S x540la x540lj x540sc x540sa A31N1519

Jual Baterai Laptop ASUS X540 X540S x540la x540lj x540sc x540sa tanam baru murah

harga biasa Rp. 270.000

Harga oriĀ Rp. 350.000

Model : A31N1519
11.25V – 2600mAh

Baterai laptop ini cocok untuk type laptop asus:
X540LJ-3H, X540LJ-XX015T, X540LA-1A, X540LA-3G, X540SC-1C, X540LA-XX003T, X540SC-3H, X540YA-3F, X540LA-XX021T, X540SA-1C, X540SA-3H, X540SA-XX041D, X540LJ, X540LJ-3F, X540LJ-XX001T, X540LJ-XX044T, X540LA-1C, X540SC, X540LA-3H, X540SC-3F, X540LA-XX004T, X540YA-1A, X540L, X540SA-3F, X540SA-XX012T, X540SA-XX041T, X540LJ-1A, X540LJ-3G, X540LJ-XX014T, X540LA-3F, X540SC-1A, X540LA-XX002T, X540SC-3G, X540YA-1C, X540LA-XX013T, X540SA-1A, R540L, X540SA-3G, X540SA-XX020T, X540SA-XX085T, X540LJ-1C, X540S, X540LA, X540SA

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